Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Black Hole Sun by David Macinnis Gill

Black Hole Sun is a dystopian novel set on a future Mars - Durango and his crew of Regulators have taken the job of protecting a mining outpost from the cannibalistic Draeu. Lots of action for the military Sci-Fi fans. I found the main story engaging and it moved forward well.

The back story was not so well developed. Maybe it is my lens as an adult reader but there are too many things hinted at that aren't developed or that are developed in such a piecemeal fashion I just didn't think the world building was where it should be. Why are Durango and Vienne disgraced - what lead up to that? What did his father do to get driven out as leader of Mars? Why is that important to the story? Why is it important that his artificial intelligence (Mimi) was once his squad leader? Is he the only one with this artificial intelligence? If they designed the Big Daddies from a native life form - why do they believe that all the native life forms (Chigoes) are all gone? Why is it important to the story that they aren't.....

Ok, maybe I am over analyzing this but I read A LOT of Sci-Fi and I really want my world building to be consistent and hold to the rules that author sets up. I think my problem here is that Gills doesn't really set up enough of the rules clearly enough for me to grab onto. If he wanted to tell the story of the small band of Regulators fighting the hordes of the Draeu then that is a great story - and he does that really well. He only gets part way there with the back story

Ann Morgester, Library Curriculum Coordinator

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