Monday, January 31, 2011

Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld

Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld Simon 978-1416971757
is the follow up to Leviathan and is the third book in a planned trilogy. Behemoth is set in an alternate history of World War I where the allied powers (or Darwinists) all use genetically engineered beasts as weapons, and the axis powers (or Clankers) use gigantic robot like machines as weapons. The story is a continuation of the tale of Alek, who is a fugitive Clanker prince, the son of the recently assassinated Archduke Ferdinand, and Deryn, a girl passing as a boy so she can get into the British Air Service. In this tale the two of them have landed in Istanbul, still a neutral power, and are helping in a mission to keep the Ottoman Empire neutral. The Clankers are just about to push the Ottomans onto their side when Deryn is sent on an ill-fated mission, and Alek is captured by revolutionaries. Will the two of them succeed in keeping the Ottomans neutral? Will Alek discover that Deryn is a girl? Read this book and find out! But then you'll be biting your fingernails waiting for the final book in the trilogy, Goliath, to come out in September 2011. This book is highly recommended and is one of the most exciting Steampunk books I have read. If you loved this series you'll want to try some other Steampunk series like Airborn or The Golden Compass

Review by Niki Roohi, Librarian at Goldenview MS

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