Monday, August 17, 2009

Inexcusable by Chris Lynch

Inexcusable by Chris Lynch, 2007 Paperback 7.99 978-1416939726

Keir is convinced he is a good guy. Most of the town is convinced as well despite a list of inappropriate and vicious behavior that Keir and the town laugh off as youthful high spirits. Keir is accused of date rape by Gigi. In the end, this story told in the first person by Keir, ends with the realization that Keir is indeed a rapist, although it is unclear if Keir, who ends up almost catatonic at the end accepts responsibility. Despite an impressive string of reviews, I found this book to be self- aggrandizing and so morally ambiguous as to leave me wondering at the end if Keir would ever accept responsibility for anything. I can see where Lynch was heading with this one, but he didn't get there for me.
It could work for your most advanced HS readers.

Review by Ann Morgester Library Curriculum Coordinator, Anchorage School District

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