Friday, July 24, 2009

7 Days at the Hot Corner: Terry Trueman

7 Days At The Hot Corner by Terry Trueman 2007 Harper Teen 978-0060574949
Scott loves baseball, more than anything else and this senior is set to help his team to a shutout season. So why has everything gotten so hard?

His best friend, Travis, comes out to his family and is kicked out of his house, so he comes to stay with Scott and his dad. But this is new to Scott too and he isn’t sure how to react, what is safe and who to trust. Worse, he worries about being HIV positive because several months before he got Travis’ blood on his hands when they were in the batting cages. It takes 7 days to get back the results of his HIV test and in that 7 days he learns a lot about himself, his family and what it means to be a friend.

7 days is a long time when you are stuck in the hot corner. I loved this book. At 150 pages it is a fast read, and the strong and believable characterizations make Scott’s emotional turmoil and his process very realistic. He doesn’t just overcome his fears or his anger but he works through it in a way that is very true to the age. Even though Scott is a senior I think this book would have strong appeal at the middle school level as well as HS
Highly Recommended

Review by Ann Morgester HS Librarian and ASD Library Curriculum Coordinator

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